Meet the people behind our products

Guidewire delivers core products to empower property and casualty (P/C) insurers to adapt and succeed in a time of rapid industry change.

Our portfolio of products serve the innovative needs of our customers in areas such as data management, digital online portals, and predictive analytics.

We partner with them all over the world, and we have grown rapidly through a combination of quality products, excellent service, innovative technology, and a passionate belief in our core values.


We are looking for people to join our team who are as excited as we are to help build the insurance platform that empowers our clients to be successful.

Our culture

We have lived by three principles since our founding:


Truthful relationships with customers, prospective customers, partners, investors, and each other.


Communicating through clear arguments, building excellent quality products, and making decisions carefully on the basis of factual evidence.


Working together as professional equals, with a minimum of hierarchy.

What makes us special

Our people are proud to work for Guidewire – and we're proud to have them. And because they do such a fantastic job for us, we'll do the right thing by them.

We believe we have a good idea about what makes a fulfilling work life for employees:

  • Meaningful work in a casual atmosphere
  • Quality products
  • Sound business strategy
  • Ultra-competent colleagues 
  • Remote work and flexibility in planning your work schedule

Why Guidewire

Our track record is the number-one reason our customers choose Guidewire.

300+ Insurers


We serve over 300 insurers in more than 30 countries around the world.

400+ Implementations

Market-proven success

We have an unparalleled record of success with more than 400 Guidewire projects completed or in progress.

2000+ Person-Years

R&D investment

We invest in R&D more than any other vendor: 2,000+ person-years invested so far to build a platform that evolves to meet our customers' current and future needs.

5000+ Partners


We work with an ecosystem of 5,000+ consulting partners to provide business strategy, implementation, and related services, ensuring that we have the scale to support our customers.